About us

About us

Our company fully respects the individual nutritional needs of animals. Each recipe is carefully formulated based on the physiological requirements of each specific nutritional category. Every recipe is developed on the basis of previous experience and is continuously improved based on the latest information and nutritional requirements.

As we are fully aware of our responsibilities towards pets and all animals in general, it is our policy to not test our products on animals under laboratory conditions.


Our pet food is manufactured in strict accordance with the ISO 9001 standard, and the manufacturing process itself is monitored using the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system.





The history of Calibra dates back to 2001 when we decided to develop a new range of dry pet food in cooperation with veterinary experts. Our goal was to offer dog owners and breeders high-quality, nutritionally balanced food made from natural ingredients suitable even for animals suffering from food allergies and digestive problems. Development was completed in 2004 and we introduced Calibra′s first granulated dry dog food on the market. Since 2004, we have been continuously expanding and innovating our product range.

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Calibra Today

In recent years, the Calibra brand has become one of the most popular brands of commercial pet food on the Czech market. In 2015, we introduced a comprehensive range of veterinary diet dry pet food and earned a place among the few major manufacturers of clinical diets. In 2016, we expanded our range with an entirely new line of canned food for dogs and cats. At the same time, we also introduced an innovative superpremium line of dry pet food that includes grain free products.



Calibra Product Benefits

  • Premium and superpremium product lines
  • Wide range of complete product lines for dogs and cats
  • Developed in cooperation with veterinarians
  • Timeless, high-quality, visually appealing packaging



Basic Ingredients


kureChicken – a highly digestible source of low-fat protein that is well tolerated by the vast majority of dogs and cats





jehneLamb – an easily digestible meat with high nutritional values, suitable even for sensitive dogs






lososSalmon meat and oil – an excellent source of biologically valuable proteins, peptides, vitamins, and minerals, as well as the omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids (EPA, DHA) necessary for supporting the immune system and skin and coat quality, with anti-inflammatory effects




kachnaDuck – a very tasty hypoallergenic meat with a high protein and mineral content






ryzeRice – a hypoallergenic and easily digested grain with a high carbohydrate content






In addition to the basic ingredients, individual recipes contain an ideal balance of vitamins and minerals, as well as a number of other highly beneficial additives:

Seaweed – an effective antioxidant and source of minerals; supports the immune system and reduces dental plaque and tartar

Fruit and Herb Blend (extracts of orange, rosemary, thyme, and parsley) – enhances palatability, reduces harmful bacteria, and supports the immune system, which in turn increases the body′s disease resistance

Yucca Extract – reduces the amount of ammonia and other harmful gases in the intestines and the digestive system by up to 50%; also reduces flatulence

Beta-Glucans – stimulate and strengthen the immune system

Fructo-Oligosaccharides and Mannan-Oligosaccharides – prebiotics that support intestinal microflora, proper digestive tract function, and strengthen the immune system

Chondroprotectives – chondroitin sulphate protects against further damage to joint cartilage and glucosamine helps regenerate damaged joint cartilage

Organic Selenium – protects against free radicals and increases the body′s resistance

Chelated Zinc – has a positive effect on skin and coat quality

Balanced Ratio of Calcium and Phosphorus – supports optimal growth and development of the skeletal system