Veterinary Diets

  • Preferred Protein: Fish

Packaging variants:

Complete Feline Dietetic Food

Particular nutritional purpose: reduction of ingredient and nutrient intolerances, support of skin function in case of dermatosis and excessive loss of hair

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  • salmon & hydrolysed salmon & rice starch formula
  • rich in skin supporting additives – vitamin A, vitamin E, biotin, zinc and selenium
  • algae - unique reliable & sustainable source of high quality Omega 3’s

Intended use: reduction of ingredient and nutrient intolerances, support of skin function in case of dermatosis and excessive loss of hair

Indications: adverse food reactions (AFR) - dermatological and gastrointestinal symptoms, atopic dermatitis, otitis externa, dermatosis (Zn responsive, Vitamin A responsive, other), flea allergy dermatitis (FAD), support of skin lesions and skin wound healing, support by hair loss and bad quality of haircoat, diet suitable for long-time use after the elimination diet

Contraindications: renal insufficiency

Package: 1,5 kg, 5 kg


Composition: salmon (40%), rice starch (30%), hydrolysed salmon protein (10%), chicken fat, linseed, salmon oil (3%), hydrolysed chicken liver, dried apples, algae (Schizochytrium limacinum), treated yeast culture (0,5%), mannan-oligosaccharides (150 mg/kg), fructo-oligosaccharides (100 mg/kg), yucca schidigera extract (100 mg/kg).

Analytical constituents: crude protein 28 %, crude fat 17 %, crude fiber 2 %, crude ash 7,8 %, calcium 1,3 %, phosphorus 1,1 %, omega-3 fatty acid 3,2 %, omega-6 fatty acids 2,4 %, sodium 0,9 %, magnesium 0,15 %, EPA 0,3 %, DHA 0,5 %

Nutritional additives per 1 kg:

Vitamins: vitamin A (3a672a) 24 000 I.U., vitamin D3 (3a671) 500 I.U., vitamin E (3a700) 1 000 mg, biotin (3a880) 2,5 mg Trace elements: zinc chelate of amino acids hydrate 24 mg, zinc oxide 76 mg, ferrous sulphate monohydrate 50 mg, manganous oxide 50 mg, cupric chelate of amino acids hydrate 3 mg, potassium iodide 3,5 mg, organic form of Selenium produced by Saccaromyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3060 (selenised yeast inactivated) 0,2 mg

Metabolizable Energy value 3 850 kcal/kg – 16.12 MJ/kg

Suggested feeding quantity

Daily dose:

Cat weight (kg)










Daily amount (g)










Feeding instructions

Keep in mind that use of feed should be consulted and under veterinary surveillance. Use this feed only.

Period of feeding should be decided by veterinarian and should be 3 to 8 weeks, if signs of intolerance dissapear this feed can be used indefinitely. Feed the food dry or slightly moistened. You always ought to provide your cat fresh water to drink. Recommended daily amounts are shown in the feeding table.

Veterinary Diets

Calibra veterinary diets help resolve some of the most common health issues in dogs and cats. The recipes include more than just dry food. For those pets who have physiological issues regarding digestibility and whose biggest problem is consuming food in granule form, we also offer an alternative in the form of canned food.

The canned food line is conceptually based on the same philosophy as that of the dry foods, and the canned and dry foods can be freely interchanged. What makes Calibra veterinary diets effective is their emphasis on respecting the most recent independent studies as well as the use of the highest quality ingredients.

Calibra veterinary diets address health issues in pets relating to the liver, skin and coat, the stomach and intestines, the urinary tract, diabetes and obesity, the kidneys and heart, as well as joints and overall regeneration.