Verve Brand new Grain-free

  • Breed: Small
  • age: Adult
  • Preferred Protein: Turkey, Duck

Calibra Dog Verve Adult Small Duck & Turkey is a complete grain-free wet food for adult small breed dogs. The recipe features an unusual combination of duck and turkey with carrot, apple, rosehip, and sea buckthorn.

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The recipe is grain-free, with a unique combination of selected functional additives - our Triple Active Formula - and is enriched with chicory and rosemary.

Triple Active Formula

  • Salmon Oil - A source of Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids (EPA, DHA) necessary for brain development and function, which also supports the physiological functions of the skin and coat and the quality thereof, and also has anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Rosehip - A source of vitamins (C, E, A, carotenoids), flavonoids, polyphenols, and triterpenes, which has strong anti-inflammatory effects and helps support immunity.
  • Sea Buckthorn - One of the richest sources of bioactive substances (vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids), which supports immunity, blood circulation, digestion, and metabolism.

The recipe contains no grains, gluten, or GMOs.

Package: 200g


Composition: turkey (43 %), duck (27 %), carrots (4 %), apple (4 %), vegetable derivatives (2.7 %), salmon oil (1.5 %), dried rose hip (0.5 %), dried sea buckthorn (0.5 %), dried rosemary (0.1 %), dried chicory (0.1 %)

Analytical constituents: crude protein 8.5 %, crude fat 8 %, crude ash 2.5 %, moisture 78 %, crude fibre 0.5 %, calcium 0.3 %, phosphorus 0.2 %, sodium 0.2 %

Metabolizable energy: 1,086 kcal/kg

Nutritional additives per 1 kg: vitamin A (3a672a) 1,000 IU, vitamin D3 (3a671) 250 IU, vitamin E (3a700) 150 mg, zinc (3b606) 12.5 mg, iron (3b106) 10 mg, manganese (3b504) 3 mg, potassium iodide (3b201) 0.75 mg, copper (3b406) 4 mg, taurine (3a370) 1,000 mg
Technological additives per 1 kg: carob gum (E 410) 5,000 mg

Suggested feeding quantity

Adult dog weight  

(1–5 kg)

(5–10 kg)

Daily consumption

100–250 g

250–420 g

Feeding instructions

Feeding instructions: Serve the can at room temperature. Serving size may vary according to your dog’s activity level and environment. Fresh water must always be available.