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Try out our grain-free line of Calibra Dog Verve dog food with fresh meat. Irresistible taste and fresh meat experience!


Snacks and a veterinary diet? they go together

your dog
with no worries

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Did you know that

...a dog’s veterinary-approved diet should not include just any kind of treats or goodies?


...because they might compromise the therapeutic effect of the treatment for which the veterinary-approved diet is being administered.

We have a solution!

… Calibra Veterinary Diets snack are veterinary treats that are specifically formulated in line with a veterinary-approved diet. Treating your dog to these snacks will not compromise the dietary food’s therapeutic effect

When a dog suffers from...

The compatibility of Calibra VD snacks with veterinary diets
products represents an excellent combination of feeding
with a veterinary diet and the use of a reward for the dog.

The unique composition and parameters of the snacks
cover the nutritional requirements of the health indications
of veterinary diets and are in accordance with the philosophy
of the given recipe.